Change Log

Proposed Changes:

  • Insights for parents… click on image to see full proposal.

Upcoming Release

  • Junior Customisation for schools


  • Assay-Edge
    • Acceleration Analysis
    • Fix Global Dashboard data
  • UE Standards update
  • Student Details and Results
    • Detail tabs: Added “House” detail
  • Global Dashboards
    • Fix Year Level filter not showing Year Level 13
    • Sort Tutor filter in ascending order
  • All Classes Student Graphs
    • Added Print button
    • Changed UE graph line  to 12 credits from 14 credits for Year 2020 (check after the overnight update)
    • Fix student graphs not showing other student results
  • Whole School Graphs / Tables
    • Added new data type ‘Attendance 1’  shows MOE format report
    • Fix Saved View > Year on Year filter issue
    • Replace ‘Number’ to ‘Number of Students’ on Bar graph horizontal label
  • NZQA Stats
    • Enable NZQA Stats access to all school year levels
    • Fix processing for National and Specific Data
    • Fix NZQA Standard Report Builder v3
  • Moderation
    • Fix page access
    • Added ‘SMS Update’ on coversheet to identify which standard has been updated
    • Added ‘Yet to be assessed’ to get 8 random students on coversheet
    • Fix creation of external and internal moderation standards without date supplied
    • Added ‘Not Yet Assessed’, ‘To be assessed’, and ‘Standard to be assessed’ results to create moderation standards
  • Extra Tools
    • Credit Quartiles: Added Student type(s) and Month(s) filters
    • New Credit Quartile Compare tool
  • Admin
    • Download Files: enabled downloading csv files
    • Config: added ‘Teaching Staff Only’ to enable removing non-teaching staff on Assay (check after the overnight update)
    • Update remove old users
    • Fix processing course and departments


  • Added NZQA Stats Standard Report Builder v3 See instructions here.
  • Fix NZQA Stats filter and counting students twice
  • Fix Moderation with empty Department information
  • Fix missing labels on graphs


  • Fix Assessment Schedule filters on Extra Tools
  • Fix for Global Dashboard
  • Fix NZQA zip upload
  • Update on Option Checker for this year
  • Update on Moderation Overview
  • Update on email column header for Core export
  • Junior customization for a number of schools
  • Edge – added Jr Curriculums Data types
  • Edge – Enable functions for Primary Schools


  • Fix for the report page
  • Fix for saving student details
  • Fix for NZQA Stats upload function
  • Update for Junior Custom data types for other schools
  • Update for Moderation
  • New attendance data types
  • New graph type: Polar Area
  • Edge Jr Curriculum data types


  • Fix login issues
  • Fix Health and Safety save function
  • Fix Year on Year graphs not showing
  • Fix Moderation save function
  • Fix NZQA upload function


  • Fix login issues
  • Fix for Moderation not showing standards and results information
  • Fix for downloading files
  • Fix for uploading files
  • Fix for removing old users


  • Fix security issues
  • Fix Login credentials
  • Fix for Junior Custom Filters for other schools
  • Adjustment for Assessment Schedule headers
  • Fix for downloading image


  • Fix for NZQA Stats. School Filters, Share, Get and Remove Data.
  • Fix for NCEA Monthly Graphs


  • NZQA Stats function update
  • Junior customisation for a number of schools
  • Fix for course department issue when processing previous years’ data
  • Fix for External Results


  • Growth Dashboard different display types
  • Integration with SchoolPoint
  • Junior customisation for a number of schools
  • Fixes for saved views with assessments
  • Addition of public Health and Safety Forms


  • UE Subject Info as a Table under Extra Tools
  • Improvements to the Wizard -> Dean table.
  • Extra columns in the custom table for Literacy and Numeracy Credits Available, as well as Level 1, 2 and 3 Credits Available and Current + Available.
  • Addition of “Timetable Class” as a filter and split, and a bunch of attendence codes into the custom table (need to update ‘assayexport’ in KAMAR script if you want to use these… see the second screenshot under ‘Core Upload’ on this page:
  • Student Details and Results: you can now search by Year Level or Group, in addition to ID Number, Tutor Class and Subject Class. Note: you must put in the full ID Number, Year Level, Group or Class Code for the search to work.
  • Improvement to custom compare to be able to show as a bubble graph, student names show as you hover over.

  • Give users access to areas in bulk by their classification (under Admin -> Bulk User Access)
  • Can now add standards from external providers into moderation area (enable in Admin -> Config)
  • New column in the NCEA Summary under student view that has the total credits gained at that level, including ones from higher levels and the 20 carried over from the level below.
  • Customisation for a few schools


  • Daily backup of student notes incase these need to be referred back to
  • Fix for table headers not printing properly
  • Fixed issue with mixed case course codes in Assessment Schedules
  • Customisation work for a couple of schools
  • Addition of extra tools for MUSAC schools to export student class info
  • Changes for custom class sizes to add a note about how these are calculated


  • Credit Benchmark Column in Custom Table
  • Headers on tables are always visible even when scrolling past top of page
  • Other minor changes for specific schools


  • Junior customisation for a number of schools
  • Addition of NSN option for splits and custom table field
  • Ability to delete all Health and Safety Data
  • Added headers into Health and Safety Data Exports
  • Fix for OTJ hover image
  • Other minor bug fixes


  • “Show percentages instead of numbers” option in the NZQA Standard Report Builder
  • Ability to set the number of verification samples that causes a highlighted box in the moderation area (set in Moderation -> Admin)


  • Full school assessment schedule available now in the “Extra Tools” area… see Extra Scripts for details on how to import this data in.
  • Bug fix for colours not showing for some splits for students grid view.


  • Ability to be able to duplicate coversheets in the moderation area, so schools offering the same standard in more than one context can do this more easily.
  • ELLP Data – see Extra Scripts for details on how to import this in
  • “Copy Emails” button on the email students / caregivers area.
  • Assessment Schedules can now be set up to show on the parent portal and on the student details page… see Parent Portal Pages for more info.


  • New data types available for KAMAR schools… check out Admin -> Config to turn these on
  • Improvements to NZQA Standard Report Builder
  • Bug fix for email section occasionally using commas rather than semicolons to separate emails


  • Bug fix for graphs in NZQA stats when there is no split not always displaying properly.
  • Customisation for schools


  • Advanced option to reverse category order
  • Improvements for primary schools
  • Improvements to CoL Connector links


  • New option to look at “An Assessment” in “My Classes Graphs / Tables” and “Whole School Graphs / Tables”
  • Option for “An Assessment” built into the wizard
  • New Display Type: Student Grid
  • Link notes with Career Central so that assay notes can be seen in Careers Central (set up in Admin -> Career Central)
  • Improvements to loading of images in the ‘Student Graphs’ areas so they only load when scrolled into view.
  • Update of the Excellence color on the ‘Global Dashboard’ to match color elsewhere in assay
  • Improvements to Wizard for schools that have house deans (set this in Admin -> Config)
  • Customisation for individual schools
  • Fix for insights not always displaying tutors / groups from the correct year.


  • Switch between years on Global Dashboard
  • New Extra Tool: Average Class Size
  • Fix for “Assessment Name” split crashing the interface
  • Fix for blank department showing in moderation area
  • Fix for NZQA Results File not being processed correctly.
  • Fix for PE, Religious Studies and Level 3 Visual Arts Endorsements not being calculated correctly.


  • New way to upload / process Course Department file… Admin -> Check Course Department
  • Improvements to Custom Compare… now can compare any assessments with “Custom” scale
  • Fixed some scrolling issues on individual student view
  • Tooltips now show on main menu explaining what each area does
  • Speed Improvements
  • Improvements to Credit Quartiles under Extra Tools


  • Improvements to Credit Quartiles under Extra Tools
  • Moderation Coversheets can now be tagged to multiple departments
  • All external results now coming through correctly including (SNA, Absent, etc.)
  • New Graph Type in NZQA Stats – Line Graph


  • Improvements to Credit Quartiles under Extra Tools to allow viewing by subject.
  • New Filter: Exclude Group (only visible when “advanced” is ticked)
  • New saved views button in the wizard.
  • New Admin option: clear graphs.
  • New option in wizard – split by assessment.
  • Easily look at data from NZQA Results files in “Custom Table” such as counts of endorsements, NCEA Levels and University Entrance

  • Bug fixes


  • New Custom Tool -> Subscribe to Calendars.
  • New Custom Tool -> Course Check… check how many credits students got in appropriate courses last year to easily see if they qualify for the course this year.

  • Performance improvements
  • Bug Fixes


  • NZQA Data Repository now enabled
  • Bug Fixes


  • KAMAR Schools can now display individual student graphs on their parent portal… if you want information on how to set this up please contact us… note: only works with Version 4 of the portal.

  • HUGE Improvements to NZQA Stats area… you really do need to check these out.
    • New Graph Type
    • Changes to existing graph types to make them display nicer in groups
    • Add as many comparisons as you want onto one graph
    • Choose default selections of data in the “Data Summary” area.
    • Integration of Standard Analysis into this area.
    • Central repository for NZQA Data.

See a video of the NZQA Stats stuff here:

  • Longitudinal Tracking of student credits and attendance in student details and results.

  • Compare any two assessments, attendance, or NCEA Level (note screenshot below is deliberately blurred so student names are not visible)… this is under Extra Tools -> Custom Compare

  • Can now download database files if needed from Admin -> Download Files
  • Bug Fixes


  • Customisation work for schools
  • Confirmation of save of moderation pages
  • Hover on students table can choose the image that displays
  • Tweak to the excellence color to make it more visible for people who are colourblind.
  • Filter added in moderation overview page
  • New detailed attendance data type
  • Change to staff email button to support Outlook as well as Gmail
  • New Extra Tool – Credit Quartiles

  • Changes to PAT graphs for individual students
  • New Individual Graph Type – UE Graph

  • New option in wizard -> dean to view individual graphs.
  • Minor Bug Fixes


  • Customisation work for a number of schools
  • Subject Averages under the custom tools
  • “Requires follow up” tag on the moderation page
  • Can randomly get 8 student names in the verification evidence section in moderation
  • Show percentages tickbox on the global dashboards
  • More custom tools
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements


  • Filter by month of assessment… this allows you to do same time comparisons from year to year.

  • Enhancements for CoL Connector
  • Performance improvements for autoprocessing (now only redraws those graphs that have changed)
  • Extra Tools area with some GPA Tools
  • Ability to create custom tables and GPA with mock external results (see here for more info)
  • Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements


  • Can subscribe to issues if the auto uploads do not work (Admin -> Check Upload / Process)
  • Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements


  • GPA now available as a custom table field under NCEA Current Year
  • Improvements to PowerShell Scripts
  • Under the Whole School Tables and Graphs and advanced mode there is a tick box that enables variable height graphs which means you can view the strip graphs and divergent bar graphs when you have LOTS of groups without them being tiny.
  • Improvements to the wizard for schools with junior systems set up
  • asTTle data now shows in the growth dashboard
  • Changes to how percentiles are calculated on growth dashboard when there is a tie between two or more students, it now gives the middle value rather than the minimum.
  • Download H&S Data as CSV for external reporting.
  • Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements


  • Changes for tracking attendance and credits throughout the year
  • New Graph Type: Divergent Bar Graph
  • Subject credit distribution now includes all students with entries, rather than only students with results.
  • A number of options in the data and filters drop downs are only visible when the advanced tickbox is checked… this makes it easier for people to find their most used options, while still leaving all the options there for those that want them.
  • Ability to see show just the current year’s PAT vs all PATs
  • Bug Fixes


  • New filters for Level 1, 2 and 3 Credits
  • Fix for the order of columns from the KAMAR export of results


  • General bug fixes and performance improvements.


  • Minor tweak for growth dashboard


  • Changes to wording of insights… instead of “failed 4 credits” now says “Not Achieved 4 credits”
  • Ability to check status of Uploads and Process under “Admin” -> “Check Upload / Process”
  • ‘Rank Scores’ (not based of UE, but just the best 80 credits) at Level 1, 2 and 3 are now available under the custom table… 4 points for an E, 3 for a M, 2 for an A.
  • Changes for the CoL connector
  • Big changes to the growth dashboard, can now filter by group, and assessment type:

  • Analyse STWE (PAT Science)

  • New view under “All Classes Student Graphs” called “Printable NCEA Summary” which is designed to be printed for students, it automatically puts a page break after each student when printing.

  • Performance improvements
  • Bug Fixes


  • Bug Fixes
  • Participation Based Stats in NZQA Analysis Section
  • Groups now show under student details
  • Analysis of Pastoral Counts
  • Changes to Auto Upload Scripts… there were some problems with the visual basic scripts skipping some of the data for a small number of schools, so if you are having issues with the old scripts the best option is to replace your vb scripts with powershell scripts.The two scripts can be downloaded from:
    And instructions on how to set up the scheduled tasks can be found here:
    If you want me to remote in and give you a hand setting them up let me know.
  • Changes to directory services to allow for new options from KAMAR in version 912v28 see setup instructions here:
  • Calendars can now be accessed at (note text in bold would need to be changed)… these can all be subscribed to using your normal calendar program (eg: Google Calendar, Outlook etc):
    • All School Events (including unpublished): https://yoururl/schoolcalendars/allevents.ics
    • School Events (only those tagged as published): https://yoururl/schoolcalendars/events.ics
    • All Days: https://yoururl/schoolcalendars/days.ics
    • Teacher Calendars: https://yoururl/calendars/TEACHERCODE.ics
    • Student Calendars https://yoururl/studentcalendars/STUDENTID.ics
  • Check autoupload and autoprocess under Admin section


  • Bug Fixes
  • Ability to hide the Email and Insights options (inside config)
  • New Mode: NZQA Analysis – for processing of files from the NZQA website for long term analysis


  • Can search for student by core class or by subject in the “Student Details and Results” view (must be full title of course… eg: 9MAT will work, but 9MA will not find those students)
  • When switching between students the view will remain the same.
  • Bug fixes
  • When looking at graphs you can now split by Percentage of Credits Passed, at Merit and Excellence and at Excellence for Level 1, 2 and 3, Level 2 and 3 and Level 3
  • Can now do year on year comparison inside a graph
  • Title Change – instead of NCEA Credits – Gender Split the title now says NCEA Credits by Gender
  • New Graph Type: Grouped Column Chart


  • Addition of “Split By” when using the wizard mode as a teacher for a birds eye view of their classes.
  • In Wizard Mode the “Individual Student Graphs” now gives you the option to choose which graphs you want to look at.
  • New Knowledge Base (
  • New Video Guides:
  • New columns available in the custom table view of number of internal and external credits sat, as well as the percentage of each passed, passed with Merit and Excellence, and Passed with Excellence.
  • OTJs (Year 1-8) can now be analysed like all the other data… contact me to turn this on if your school does things with OTJs.
  • Customisation work around Year 9 and 10 systems for a number of schools
  • More PAT analysis tools
  • Bunch of Bug Fixes


  • Bug fixes
  • Additional module for PAT Benchmarking – see PAT Data and Benchmarkings for more info. A small additional charge applies for this.
  • Some small visual tweaks


  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Half Year Split
  • The groups filter will now include all core classes
  • Ability to remove students from the email list.
  • “Not Yet Assessed” now shows on student graphs
  • Big improvements to the Global Dashboard mode adding views for Level 1, 2 and 3
  • A new “Growth Dashboard” which tracks students and cohorts over time


  • Bug Fixes
  • Download button for Students Table graph type
  • Tooltips when you hover over areas on some graphs
  • New Global Dashboard mode

Version 20170531

  • Bug Fixes
  • Can tab between all fields in the moderation coversheets
  • Ability for admin users to switch to a different user
  • New option on moderation coversheet for Yes / No fields of “No – PN Checked” which doesn’t highlight red on the overview page.

Version 20170528

  • Bug Fix for auto process script

Version 20170527

  • Bug Fixes
  • New options in wizard mode
  • Full automation of exports from KAMAR and uploads now available… see the “Auto Upload Scripts” in the installation section of the help manual for more info and how to set up. Once set up you no longer need to do regular exports from KAMAR to upload into Assay, as it is all done automatically. The only times you’ll need to upload data is to load historical data eg: in Jan to load the final NCEA results from the previous years or when initially setting up.
  • Subscribe to KAMAR groups on Insights

Version 20170521

  • Bug Fixes
  • Speed Improvements
  • Feedback Button
  • Subscribe to Updates
  • No longer need to upload groups data… this does require you updating the KAMAR directory services to include “All Groups”
  • Auto process of large amounts of the data from KAMAR … once set up 80%-90% of the data needed for assay gets imported automatically on a daily basis
  • GPA Tables and Percentile Changes to track students over time

Version 20170426

  • Bug Fixes
  • Email All Staff who take a subject
  • More options for deans to look at things via tutor group in wizard mode
  • Visual Refresh to the Home Page
  • Assay Insights – get emails when key events happen for students you have subscribed to.  (see more here)

Version 20170419:

  • Bug Fixes
  • Lit/Num listed in the ‘NCEA Entries’ on student details
  • New Split for credits – by month – and also as individual graphs so you can easily see how students are doing over the year.
  • “Extra Notes” field for the moderation coversheets
  • Fix to printing of moderation coversheets
  • Insert Date and Name button added to notes section
  • Ability to send email notifications when things are added to the health and safety area. To enable this you need to add the email into the config (Admin -> Config) and also have it added to the master database (email [email protected])

Version 20170328

  • Bug fixes
  • Advanced mode that lets you
    • Split by second category
    • Show unpublished results
  • Health and Safety: show who entered incident / hazard
  • Under Admin there is now the ability to remove old users that are either causing conflicts with current users or who you no longer want to have access to the system.

Version 20170302:

  • Bug Fixes
  • Ability to Email any filtered list of students using email links
  • Auto save of students notes after 5 seconds of not typing
  • Back button on Wizard

Version 20170219

  • Previous School Filter and Split
  • Table View for Tutor Teachers in Wizard
  • Bug Fixes

Version 20170214:

  • Bug Fixes
  • Drop Down for seeing previous results in student view
  • PATs from all years can be shown in current year
  • Notes field in students that is carried over from year to year… you can use this as you like
  • Percentage Table View
  • Attempted to avoid page breaks in the middle of graphs when printing.
  • Expected Level 1, 2 and 3 Credits, Level 2 and 3 Credits, Expected Level 3 Credits, both with and without externals in custom table
  • Wizard View


Changes prior to 14/2/2017 (version 20170214) are not shown here.