PAT Data and Benchmarking

If your school has the PAT Module set up there will be the following extra features:
  • Under My Classes Tables / Graphs and Whole School Tables and Graphs
    • New Data Types:
      • Raw PAT Data
      • PAT Benchmarks for the Most Recent and Average PATs in
        • Maths
        • Reading Comp
        • Reading Vocab
      • For
        • NCEA Assessments
        • Subject Based Assessments

  • New Splits:
    • Most Recent and Average PAT for
      • Maths
      • Reading Comp
      • Reading Vocab

  • Under Student Details and Results ->
    • PAT Benchmarks for
      • Maths
      • Reading Comp
    • For both
      • Most Recent and
      • Average PATs

  • Under Growth Dashboard
    • PATs for Year 9 and Year 10
The coloring for the PAT Benchmarking is consistent with the other parts of assay to be accessible to all users even if they are colorblind.
  • Deep Red: Below Expectation
  • Light Blue: At Expectation
  • Dark Blue: Above Expectation
  • White: No Data available
The benchmarking is based off:
  • Stanine 1, 2 and 3: Not Achieved is At, Achieved, Merit and Excellence are Above
  • Stanine 4 ​to 6: Not Achieved: Below, Achieved is At, Merit and Excellence are Above​
  • Stanine ​7 to 9: Not Achieved​ and Achieved​: Below, ​Merit is At, Excellence ​is Above​

There is a small additional charge for setting this up. If you have questions about this let me know.