Annual Subscription Costs:



Tier Number of Students New Price
1 1-300 $600
2 301-750 $950
3 751-1200 $1,400
4 1201-1750 $2,050
5 1751-2250 $3,350
6 2251+ $4,000

All prices are GST exclusive.

Online training, support and hosting is included in the licence fee.


See more info on PD here.


Loading NZQA Data:

You can do this yourself… see instructions here, but we are happy to do it for you if you would like us to, and note, a lot of data is already in the assay data repository that you can get with just a couple of clicks (share / get data on the left hand side).

    • $10 per pair of summary statistics (Enrolment Based NCEA and UE Qualifications with and without Endorsements)
    • $15 per pair of subject data (Standard report: School and National-Decile data)

If you want us to load in your data for you please provide email us using this link as it will pre-populate the email with the appropriate fields: link to open email… email should look like this:


Note: all prices are exclusive of GST.