Annual Subscription Costs:


Tier Number of Students New Price
1 1-300 $460
2 301-750 $770
3 751-1200 $1,175
4 1201-1750 $1,765
5 1751-2250 $2,950
6 2251+ $3,575

The hosting fee is $105.

The hourly training rate is $125 per hour.


If you want features added:

  • if we deem they are likely to be useful for all schools then the development of them is free,
  • otherwise the cost is purely based off how long it takes to create, charged at the rate of $125 an hour.

We will always let you know before we start if we plan to charge you for any extra work… so if we don’t ask… assume we’re not charging!



See more info on PD here.


Loading NZQA Data:

You can do this yourself… see instructions here, but we are happy to do it for you if you would like us to, and note, a lot of data is already in the assay data repository that you can get with just a couple of clicks (share / get data on the left hand side).

    • $10 per pair of summary statistics (Enrolment Based NCEA and UE Qualifications with and without Endorsements)
    • $15 per pair of subject data (Standard report: School and National-Decile data)

If you want us to load in your data for you please provide email us using this link as it will pre-populate the email with the appropriate fields: link to open email… email should look like this:


Note: all prices are exclusive of GST.