Config Setup – Self Hosted Only

Navigate in a web browser to where you have placed your files



This will present a screen that looks like this:

For the default setup on IIS under the parent portal you will want to set Storage to: ../../assaystorage/ as this is up two levels so not accessible on the web

You should change authentication to any random string of numbers… DO NOT leave it the same as here.


The first year should be the first year that you have full data for… as at this writing (May 2017) that would be 2016 unless you have backups of KAMAR as KAMAR used to remove data from its database 12 months after students leave (it no longer does this).

Note: once the data is in assay it will never be removed.


Unless you have custom data set up leave Custom (formally called Junior) as no


If assay3 is hosted on the same server as your KAMAR portal you can also get access

to reports through assay, so you will need to set this. If your KAMAR portal was set

up with their installer the path you will want is:


You want this to be the absolute path to the reports.


This now gives us a screen that looks like this:


And press ‘Update’


From here you will want to: