Assay Auto-Uploads (KAMAR New Look)

Step 1:  Remove the existing Assay scripts
Go to Setup > Custom Files > Remove the List where Assay scripts are uploaded.
If you don’t know the custom list number/list number where Assay scripts are uploaded, please see step 3.


Step 2:  Upload new Assay scripts
Click upload file and upload this file: Download k_Lists2.fmp12 
Note: The list numbers vary from each school set-up. In the example below, it shows Lists2 (Custom Lists 2) is available > select Lists2 > Upload k_Lists2.fmp12


Step 3:  Edit Assay scripts
Go to Setup > Server > Maintenance Scripts > Custom Tab


Edit Results scripts (lines 16 and 17). This includes Assessment Schedule, and ESOL data uploads.

Edit Core scripts (line 6).

Save All changes.


Step 4: Enabling Custom Scripts (New KAMAR Version)
After uploading the custom file, you need to enable the custom scripts.
To do this go to Setup –> Server –> Maintenance Scripts –> Custom -> Press the New Schedule button and “Create”
Put the details in as below. Make sure the Custom File(s) that you tick matches the “Assay Scripts” in the list on the right hand side. Set the time to somewhere between 3am and 4am.
Press the “Run Now” to confirm it is all working.