Setting Up coursedepartment.csv File

This file has 4 columns

  1. Subject Name
  2. Department
  3. Level (1, 2 or 3 for NCEA, or anything else really that you want to tag them with)
  4. Number of credits to ‘pass’ a course. If unsure make 14

A sample from a file is below:

Subject Code Department Level Credits to Pass
ART101 AMOL 11 14
MAT101 Mathematics 11 14
FRE201 AMOL 12 14
JPN201 AMOL 12 14
ENG301 English 13 14
MWC301 Mathematics 13 14
10ART AMOL 10 14
10MAT Mathematics 10 14
9DAN Physical Education 9 14
YEAR09 Other 9 14


You can get some of this by going on KAMAR to Setup -> Subjects -> Setups -> Find

And exporting this by  going to “print list” and then downloading as a excel document… you will then need to adjust the file so the columns match above, and the extra columns are added.

Don’t forget to save it as a CSV.


Once you have your completed CSV upload this to Assay via Admin -> Check Course Department.

Note: this file is used for all years, so just keep adding new courses to it if you need to and reupload. You can always download a copy of it from the Admin -> Upload Data area (right at the bottom)