Enrolment Based NCEA and UE Qualifications with Endorsements

On NZQA go to Statistics and Click on “NCEA, NCEA Endorsements, and UE”
From there
  1. Make sure you choose “Display Last Five Years” or choose the selected years you would like to load.
  2. Do not tick “Enable Comparison Report”
  3. Choose the student types (suggest just “Regular Student”)
  4. Choose the Region or School or Decile or School Gender you wish to look at
  5. Choose the “Display Selected as Separate Values” option
  6. Tick the “Student Ethnicity” option
  7. Make sure “Cumulative” is checked and
  8. Tick “Display Endorsements”
  9. Press Submit

See screenshot below:

Upload that file into Assay NZQA Stats as “Enrolment Based NCEA and UE Qualifications with Endorsements”

Data needs to be uploaded with Enrolment Based NCEA and UE Qualifications without Endorsements