Assay NCEA External Results Update (KAMAR version 17+)

Step 1:  Manually export Core data
Go to Assay > Admin > Upload Data> Select year > follow through steps 1-4 > Upload Core data


Step 2:  Manually export Results data
Go to Main Menu> Printing > Custom > Assay Scripts > tick Edit Custom File > Edit > a new window/screen will open > on the left pane, select Assay_Previous_Years_Results > Run


A prompt window will open > Title bar “Which year do you want to export results for?” > Input 2020 > press OK


Click Continue


A new prompt window will appear:
Save As: YearResults.csv
Where: Downloads folder
Type: Comma-Separated Values
Click Save


The export will sometime to finish


Login to Assay > Admin > Upload Data
-Upload Core file after step 4
-Upload Results file after step 9
-Process button (bottom page)


Step 3: Check NCEA External Results
Login to Assay > Whole School Graphs / Tables >
Data: NCEA Credits
Year: 2020
Split: Internal/External
That should show the previous year External Results.