Auto-Uploads Results

Step 1: Edit the Script uploaded on Core setup 


Go to Printing > Custom > Assay Scripts and tick the “Edit Custom File” at the bottom of the popup.


This will bring up the script workspace. On the left, scroll down until you find  “Action_ServerScript”, then double-click to open the script. Edit lines 16 and 17.
line 16: For hosted: replace demo with AssaySchoolName (ie. abc). For self-hosted, replace the whole URL.
line 17: Replace 12345 with school authentication, ensure to enclose authentication with double quotation marks. To check authentication, go to to Assay > Admin > Config > copy authentication.


Step 2: Automating This Script


For File Maker version 17+, follow instructions here

1. Log onto the Admin Console.


2. Duplicate the Daily Script
Select “Script – Daily” from the Schedules > click the calendar icon > select “Duplicate a Schedule”.


3. Edit the created duplicate schedule. Select “Script-Daily Copy” > click the calendar icon > select “Edit a Schedule”.  On Database tab, click Next.


4. On FileMaker script tab, select “Custom_Script (List#)” > input “2” – this is the Custom List number where Assay k_List is uploaded, if unsure, please check step 1. Then, click Next.


5. On Details tab, we want it to run Daily, and to run at 5:15 am so that it isn’t going to interfere with any other schedules on the Admin Console (ie: the Daily Script). Then, click Next.


6. On Options tab, set the schedule name to “Assay Results Export – CL” > tick Enable this Schedule > Save/Finish


7. See the final Setup, then Run the schedule, select “Assay Results Export – CL” > click the calendar icon > click “”Run a Schedule Now”


Step 3: Login to Assay


1. Check Upload / Process > Check Last Results Upload datetime (should be current date and latest upload time)
2. Process data, go to Upload Data > Select year > Process button (bottom page)